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Is There a Podcast in You?

By: Theresa Jacobellis

Tuesday, May 4, 2021
As an entrepreneur who had been working out of a home-based office since 2017, the day-to-day aspects of my business life did not change much as a result of the pandemic. But as a solopreneur, I had become an avid networker, belonging to several groups (including Moxxie Network), attending a variety of in-person events, and even serving on a couple of boards. All of that came to a grinding halt last March. ...read more

Crush Job-Interview Jitters by Visualizing Peak Experiences

By: Gloria Schramm

Wednesday, April 7, 2021
Athletes do it the night before the big game. Actors do it before going on stage or camera. If you conjure up those feelings you experienced during apex moments in your life -- those moments when you felt that all was well with the world and you -- that feeling of being "on top of the world" actually helps you relax and bring your best self to a job interview. ...read more

What’s Your Superpower? My Salute to Women’s History Month

By: Maria Puccio Arianas

Tuesday, March 30, 2021
Women’s history month honors the trailblazing women of history. All around us, the triumphs and life stories of women leaders are being honored in the media, in government, in museums and learning institutions. I took a moment to reflect on what this means to me. In addition to the women before us who found the courage to step outside their comfort zone, ...read more

It’s Not What You Say; It’s How You Say It.

By: Abbe Meehan

Monday, March 29, 2021
If you’re like me, there have been many changes in plans over this past year. Weddings and other events have been rescheduled and rescheduled again. I’m about to change one of those rescheduled reservations. I assume the hotel will be more than accommodating due to this crazy pandemic, but it did remind me of a time long passed, when I used to travel all the time. I had to be out on the West Coast for a conference and decided to extend my trip and go to the Grand Canyon – magnificent, by the way. ...read more

Embracing the Power of Sankofa

By: Jernessa Cruickshank

Tuesday, February 23, 2021
In honor of Black History Month, I will be acknowledging the symbol of Sankofa, and how we can all honor the wisdom from it. Hi, my name is Jernessa Cruickshank, and I am a senior psychology major at SUNY College at Old Westbury. I’ve been a part of the Jr. Moxxie mentoring program for two years, and it has provided me with various leadership opportunities, and courage to move forward in my future as a young Black entrepreneur. ...read more

Mentoring is a Gift!

By: Gloria Schramm

Monday, December 21, 2020
One of the greatest blessings for anyone early in their career is to have a selfless mentor willing to take them under his or her wing and guide them through the path to success. Even better is a mentor who can fling a door open with his or her influence. ...read more

Why Mediation & Collaborative Divorce Processes Are Better for the LGBTQ Community

By: Concetta G. Spirio, Esq.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020
Those in the LGBTQ community have always faced difficulty protecting themselves, frequently being denied rights usually taken for granted by the general public. Before the legalization of same-sex marriages, same-sex couples and their families had to cobble together a patchwork of legal documentation to obtain some of the legal protections afforded to opposite-sex couples able to legally marry. Suffice to say, the legal system historically has not been kind to the LGBTQ community. ...read more
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