We are a member-based organization of high-achievers from diverse industries

Who We Are

Moxxie Network is a member-based women's business community of high-achievers that provides resources, connections and experiential knowledge to peers.  The major advantage of Moxxie Network is its membership.  Our exclusive community is comprised of life-long learners who are accomplished in their areas and come from the corporate, nonprofit, academic and entrepreneurial fields.

We are NOT industry exclusive and welcome sophisiticated women from any industry.

Mission Statement

To create a continuum of support for women as they work their way through life.

We provide our members with the unique opportunity to interact in a social environment for the purposes of increasing business, expanding their business and social networks and educating them about areas of interest specific to women.

Although many try to categorize Moxxie as "just another women's networking group", we are anything but that. While Moxxie is committed to helping its members grow their businesses, we are also dedicated to assisting all women in business.  Our Women in Transition policy allows for job-seekers to join at no cost (other than their event fees).  We are also dedicated to the career advancement and leadership development of young women through our Foundation's various mentoring programs.

Click here to learn about the Moxxie Mentoring Foundation's Mentoring Programs

The Moxxie Philosophy

  • Share your knowledge and contacts.
  • Assist younger women in developing their careers.
  • Counsel women entering or re-entering the workforce.
  • Do this because it comes naturally to you.

The Definition of Moxie

Energy, pep, vigor, verve, courage, determination, nerve, skill, know-how, assertive energy, initiative. The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.

Why the 2 XX's in Moxxie?

It's what differentiates women from men - the extra X chromosome. Men are XY. Women are XX. Basically it all comes down to the X.

X Chromosome
noun, Genetics
1. known as the sex determining chromosome; the presence of two is unique to females, marking the XX chromosome pair as the definitive symbol of femininity.

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