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We offer Employee Engagement and Development Programs

Employee Engagement and Development

A profitable investment for both employee and employer.
What are YOU doing about it?

Organizations want their employees to be engaged and find their jobs fulfilling. They know it is easier to do this when employees have a sense that their employer is serious about making them feel connected and appreciated. 

Employee engagement, in which employees care about a company, buy into its goals and want to see the business succeed, has increased as a best-business practice. Its motivation is not employee satisfaction and contentment – though most companies welcome both.  Such engagement can improve a company's bottom line.


Moxxie Network offers two unique programs that can be customized for your organization.

1. Networking Workshops to ENGAGE & EMPOWER 

Can your employees effectively communicate corporate philosophies, products & services?

Today's companies need employees who can speak to people inside and outside the company.  Equally important is networking within the company to increase employee and interdepartmental cooperation.  Moxxie offers a fun and easy  way to provide employees with information & tools to become a well-versed, well-rounded representative.

Our Program Includes:
   • One Initial 2 Hour Workshop
   •  Promoting the Corporate Message
   •  One Follow-up 2 Hour Workshop
   •  Individual Role Playing
   •  Learning The Art of Networking
   •  Goal Setting
   • Developing Your Personal Introduction
   •  Strategies for Networkin

2. Mentoring Programs to DEVELOP & RETAIN

71 % of Fortune 500 companies offer mentoring to their employees

Companies of all size use mentoring to address HR challenges including employee retention, workforce productivity and diversity training - as well as the identification & development of high potential employees.

Today's mentoring has evolved from the traditional individual method to a more hybrid approach. Let Moxxie Network customize an innovative program that includes individual and group mentoring, interdepartmental orientation, guest speaker workshops and follow-up practical application sessions that reinforce learning.

Our Program Includes:
    •  Company Needs Assessment
    •  Coordinator, Mentor and Mentee Training
    •  Custom Program Set-up, Launch & Execution
    •  Coordinator, Mentor and Mentee Surveys
    •  Ongoing Program Coordinator Support/Consultation
    •  6-Month Follow-Up Assessment
    •  Assistance in Matching Mentors and Mentees
    •  Group Workshops for Mentees


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