Culture Club

    The word "culture" means many things to all of us - it includes different perspectives and experiences and can incorporate the arts, museums, music, dance, film and theater to name just a few. We will sample some of each. Please offer suggestions for our outings.
    Lisa Pomerantz,  Club Leader


    Meeting Dates: Quarterly events with the possibility of additional ones.

    Club Leader

    Lisa Renee Pomerantz, Attorney at Law

    Latest Postings

    Lisa PomerantzWe had a great time having brunch at IMC and going to the Heckscher Museum on January 27. Join us on February 21 for Brazilian Jazz at the Art League of Long Island!

    2 months ago

      Beth MeixnerPhoto from Sunday's outing when we went to see The Miracle Worker which was great!


        Beth MeixnerHere is the latest Culture Club photo - the previous was an artistic interpretation of the same.


          Lois CooperOn Sunday, March 4th, we had brunch at Borelli's and went to an art exhibit at the Hofstra Museum by Romare Beardon, an innovative African-American artist who portrayed the African-American experience in the 1940's - 1960's. Very powerful! The exhibit will be on display through September and was even written up in Newsday -- try to check it out!


            Lois CooperHairspray today, Sunday, July 9th was a lot of fun! I was joined by Cecilia, Lisa, Allison and Barbara. Great conversation over brunch and the cast of the play was very talented. Please look out for exciting updates and we hope you can join us in the future! Lois Cooper


              Lois CooperOn Sunday, April 30th, the Culture Club saw "My Fair Lady" at the Bellmore Theater following a delicious brunch at the Mediterranean Diner. The singing was excellent and an enjoyable time was had by all! Laura,Cecilia, Lisa, Robin and I will be seeing "Hairspray"on Sunday, July 9th. Please let me know if you would like to attend!


                Lois CooperThis quarter, the Culture Club members shared a very meaningful day. We went to see the move :Hidden Figures", a wonderful story about how women, and African-American women in particular, were directly responsible for America's race to space.


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