Leisure Book Club

    We are trying a new version of the book club this year - 30 minute virtual meetings from the comfort of your own home and with your beverage of choice!

    Our book club is for the woman who wants to share her love of reading. Books are selected by the club members.  You do NOT have to read the book to attend a meeting. Please join us for an intimate evening with great discussions.
    Tami Racaniello, Club Leader

    Meeting Times will  vary - Tami wil send out emails through the Listserv

    Club Leader

    It's Time to Get Fit, Inc

    Latest Postings

    Tami RacanielloFor our 1st Leisure Book Club call-in, on Jan 31st, we had myself, Liz Vaz, and new Moxxie member Jen McBride, discussing What Lies Behind, by J.T. Ellison. Though none of us finished the book by the call, we agreed we liked the writing style of the author, the story and characters, and were looking forward to continuing the read. We also discussed women in typically male dominated roles, and how only a generation ago, women were encouraged to get married and start a family over having a career. Since we had such positive feedback from members on the idea of doing a call instead of meeting in person, we are hoping to have more members join the conversation. Our next call will be on February 28th at 7PM. The book and author will be emailed through the Listserv.


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