Business Development Club SUFFOLK

2/12/2020 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM

Virtual Meeting via WebEx

This meeting will take place virtually via a WebEx invitation.  It is a discussion about the online course Selling: Follow Up Skills.  At this virutal meeting, we will share our individual efforts to implement the techniques from both Modules I and II.  Our goal is to learn from each other and practice what we have learned from each course segment.  Please come to our meeting ready to share stories about how you are trying these techniques and the kinds of responses you are getting.

Note:  Module II will arrive in your email inbox on Jan 15th.  All Moxxies who are currently enrolled in this course will receive a WebEx invitation from Deb Williams.  Please RSVP to the invitation so that we know who will be attending.

Club Leader: Deb Williams, Owner, Collective Energy Consulting

About the Club: This club will assist members with the following:  Obtaining Leads & Providing Referrals, Professional Development, Sales Techniques & Overcoming Obstacles, Enhancing Executive Presence, Networking Skills, Accessing Expertise of Moxxie Network Members and more. 

If you have any questions about the club or want to join, please email Club Leader Deb Williams at

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