Online Seminar Series Registration


Four Online Modules

Cost:  $95
Payments must be submitted by December 1st.  Only Moxxie Network members may participate.

SPECIAL EVENT:  Sell It Out Follow Up Skills Course by Kate Gaffin.  We've all had those situations where we have networked, built relationships, written proposals....and then no sale comes from all that upfront effort.  

Learn how to improve a critical skill for growing your business - effective follow up!  Kate teaches a multi-faceted approach to follow-up with clients that will feel comfortable, not pushy and generate repeat business.  

This course is a pre-recorded seminar that will be "dropped" in 4 separate lessons by the instructor to our email inboxes.

By registering for this class, you are signing up to independently review each of 4 course modules that will be delivered to your email inbox.  Each module is approximately 60 minutes in length.

Due dates for Module completion:

Lesson 1:  January 1st
Lesson 2:  February 1st
Lesson 3:  March 1st
Lesson 4:  April 1st

The Nassau and Suffolk clubs will use their first four meetings of 2020 to discuss each of the modules and share how you are putting the lessons into practice.  Please check the website for the separate meeting dates for both groups.

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