Midday with Moxxie - MELVILLE

9/12/2019 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM

Jewel Restaurant 400 Broadhollow Rd, Melville

TOPIC  - The Art of Story Telling
Guest Speaker - Tracey Segarra, Director of Marketing, Margolin Winer & Evens

Learning how to craft and tell persuasive, memorable and impactful stories is the key to good communication. It’s not enough to write a case study or pack a presentation with impressive facts. Breaking through the noise to get your message across requires connecting on an emotional level with your audience and making them care. Well-told and true stories can help you land jobs, clients and referral sources. Professional storyteller Tracey Segarra will teach you the building blocks of effective stories and how to leverage them in your firm and in your life.

You will learn:
• The five beats of effective storytelling
• The science behind why storytelling works
• How to find and tell the important stories in your organization

About our lunches: Get to know the Moxxie members and guests at our monthly lunches.  We provide a sophisticated yet friendly atmosphere where great connections are made quickly.

The meetings are informal but facilitated and especially appealing to those who prefer smaller groups.  Experience a welcoming environment where accomplished women connect on both a personal and professional level.

Price:  Members - $40
             Non-members - $55
             Mentees - $25
Includes food, program and facilitated introductions.

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