Midday with Moxxie EAST END

5/17/2019 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Hotel Indigo 1830 W Main St, Route 25, Riverhead

Thanks to our Lunch Sponsor - member  Coleen Sherman  FOUR TIER FINANCIAL GROUP

TOPIC - Brainstorm Blitz

Guest Speaker - Deb Williams, President, Collective Energy Consulting

Come learn tools to help generate breakthrough thinking when you need it the most.  Deb Williams will warm up the creative thinking of the group and then teach some specific tools you can use "on demand" when you need creative ideas and solutions.  (We can't be like Newton and wait for the apple to hit us in the head!)

Bonus:   We will practice the tools by brainstorming all the ways you would like your Moxxie Membership to add value to your business, networking efforts, and support system!

About our lunches: Get to know the Moxxie members and guests at our monthly lunches.  We provide a sophisticated yet friendly atmosphere where great connections are made quickly.  The meetings are informal but facilitated and especially appealing to those who prefer smaller groups.  Experience a welcoming environment where accomplished women connect on both a personal and professional level.

Price:  Members - $40
           Non-members - $55
           Mentees - $25
Includes food, program and facilitated introductions.

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