Midday with Moxxie - MELVILLE

4/4/2019 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM

Jewel Restaurant 400 Broadhollow Rd, Melville

TOPIC  - The 50+ Demographc - Are You Ready For Us?
Guest Speaker - Donna Korren - Founder, Empty Quester

About this presentation: In our parent's generation, people 50 and older likely had an eye towards retirement--not so any longer.  Medical breakthroughs and wellness trends indicate that this age group will be living and thriving for years to come.  Longevity means we will need to remain in the work force.  Has industry caught up with this reality?  Let's ask the question "Are You Ready for Us?"

In this presentation Donna will:

* Bring new insights to women in their 40s, 50s and beyond about new business opportunities for us to consider.
* Engage women in their 20s and 30s to consider the value and the challenges of creating inter-generational organizations and teams.
* Illuminate the incredible economic power of the 50+ market which cannot be ignored by any professional who offers products or services.

About the Speaker:  Donna Korren is the founder of Empty Quester, a website for parents who are crafting their next bold chapter after raising kids.  She has nearly 30 years of sales and marketing experience and is well-versed in cultural trends.  She has identified the Empty Quester as a rising demographic.  Emptyquester.com and @emptyquester on Instagram and FB.

About our lunches: Get to know the Moxxie members and guests at our monthly lunches.  We provide a sophisticated yet friendly atmosphere where great connections are made quickly.

The meetings are informal but facilitated and especially appealing to those who prefer smaller groups.  Experience a welcoming environment where accomplished women connect on both a personal and professional level.

Price:  Members - $40
             Non-members - $55
             Mentees - $25
Includes food, program and facilitated introductions.

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