Midday with Moxxie EAST END

11/17/2023 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Hotel Indigo 1830 W Main St, Route 25, Riverhead

TOPIC:  Finding Diamonds in Your LinkedIn Database
SPEAKER: Beth Granger, President, Beth Granger Consulting

About this lunch:  I"ll bet you're a bit like me. You have hundreds, if not thousands, of LinkedIn connections, but how many do you really know. That is a network of untapped possibilities. This session will cover how to find these diamonds in your database, and if there is time, what to say to reconnect with them.

About our lunches: Get to know the Moxxie members and guests at our monthly lunches.  We provide a sophisticated yet friendly atmosphere where great connections are made quickly.  The meetings are informal but facilitated and especially appealing to those who prefer smaller groups.  Experience a welcoming environment where accomplished women connect on both a personal and professional level.

Price:  Members - $45
           Non-members - $55
           Mentees - $25
Includes food, program and facilitated introductions.

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