Business Development Club

3/24/2022 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Virtual Meeting

In preparation for our upcoming Business Development Club meeting, please check out this super-quick summary of StoryBrand by Donald Miller.  Story Brand Overview in under 10 min!

When we meet we will discuss our reactions to it and focus upon one element of his recommended approach to building our own unique storybrands. 

As you watch the video, please identify which one of the following components (1-7) you think is something you need to develop for your business and come prepared to discuss:

1. Specifically Defining your Customer (the hero of your story)
2. Clearly defining your Customer's Problem
3. Establishing yourself as your Customer's Guide
4.  Giving your Customer a PLAN

  • Process Plan (How you will get the work done together)
  • Agreement (Service Guarantee)

5. Creating a Call to Action

  • Direct
  • Transitional

6. Helping your Customer Avoid Failure (describing salty stakes)
7. Describing the Ending your Customer desires.

You will have the opportunity to spend some time during the meeting developing the specific item you choose for your business.  

Registration Link:

Club Leader: Deb Williams, Owner, Collective Energy Consulting

About the Club: This club will assist members with the following:  Obtaining Leads & Providing Referrals, Professional Development, Sales Techniques & Overcoming Obstacles, Enhancing Executive Presence, Networking Skills, Accessing Expertise of Moxxie Network Members and more. 

If you have any questions about the club or want to join, please email Club Leader Deb Williams at

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