Money Matters Club

    This Moxxie Club is education-based.  It is for women who want to learn the basics of investing and feel in charge of their current finances and financial future.   We will learn the different types of investment vehicles and how different individual needs determines which investments to use. 

    Meeting Time:  8:30 - 10:00 AM
    Meeting Place:  Panera Bread, Walt Whitman Mall
    Meeting Dates:  4th Wednesday of each month

    Club Leaders:

    Becky Creavin and Pat Janco of SVPs, Capital Group Private Client Services

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    Latest Postings

    Beth MeixnerWow - we had lots of questions for Pat and Becky today and learned much! We discussed the different rating companies such as S&P and Moody's and how they differ from Indices which provide benchmarks by which we measure investments. We also learned the difference between a fiduciary and agent when selecting a personal broker. More lessons to come next month!

    4 months ago

      Beth MeixnerOur newest club is off to a great start!! Club Leaders Pat Janco-Tupper and Becky Creavin did an excellent job by providing basic information from which we can build on. We had 10 ladies attend including two Ms Moxxies - glad to see our young mentees are taking their finances seriously while still in their twenties.


        Skylar HartOur first Money Matters Club meeting on 7/25/18!


          Beth Meixnercreated the group Investment Club

          BRAND NEW! This club will teach our members the basics of investing and the different types of investment vehicles. Never feel uncertain about participating in a investment discussion again.


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