Your Mindset Matters

Saturday, February 2, 2019

By: Beth Meixner

I was reading an article entitled The Career Mindset Trick That Will Help You Reclaim Success at Work by  Solange Lopes, Founder & Editor at The Corporate Sister.  I agree with Solange when she writes that a “career-driven mindset focused on growth and overcoming obstacles, while still taking responsibility for our own path” is crucial for success.  She explains that when we lose this “warrior spirit” we give up on our growth and begin assuming lesser roles. And even worse, accepting lesser roles.

During my journey with Moxxie, I have gone through highs and lows – we all do.  As an entrepreneur, I MUST take responsibility for there is no one else to blame.  What pulls me up and out are the tenacity and endless optimism that I possess.  Perhaps Solange would call it my own warrior spirit.  Whatever each of us calls it, its something that drives us to not just endure but reach higher; to envision our end goals – our personal golden ring.

I have known several people who suffer from depression.  They seem to lack this one trait that will get them out of bed and give them a sense of purpose.  Is mindset the only difference between us?  Is it something we are born with or can it be learned and improved?  Whatever the answer, I am happy for my warrior spirit and how it has served me well. 


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